Kang, Win 2D/3D Artist and Webmaster

Location: LA and OC Area in CA

Email: DaWindow@aol.com

Webpage: http://www.dartstudios.com/

Twitter: http://twitter.com/d_art


  • Red Engine School of Design - studying in creature design
  • Gnomon School of Special Effects – studying Animation and Zbrush
  • Cypress College – studied in more Maya
  • Caltech Education Centre in L.A. - studied in more 3D
  • Hi-Praise Animation Centre - studied in 2-D animation.
  • UCI Extension - studied in 3D
  • University of California in Irvine, Studio Arts B.A. - studied in dig. art, video, and painting
  • Sunny Hills High in Fullerton - studied in college entry

  • Skills

  • Over 9 years experience in 3-D modeling field (low/high poly), environmental and character modeling, animation, rigging, vertex lighting, texture creation/mapping, normal mapping, contours, some scripting, 2-D design.
  • Over 8 years in 2-D graphics-related field, including web design, illustration, video editing, and Flash animation. Also, experience with TV camera operation and large printers.
  • Programs: 3-D Studio Max (3.0-2009), Character Studio, Photoshop CS4, Maya, Zbrush 3, Final Cut Pro, Premiere, Vue6 Pro, Illustrator CS, InDesign CS3, ImageReady, Painter, Sketchup Pro, Macromedia Director, MS Word, MS Source Safe, Acrobat, Excel, ArchiCAD, Flash CS4, Debabelizer Pro, Gamut-PSm, PS2/XBOX Development kits, ACDC, familiarity with XML and DirectX.
  • Programming: Lingo, HTML, Basic, Pascal, and company-specific things.
  • Skills: Video Editing, Concept Art/Illustration, Storyboarding, Architectural Site Plan Designs, 2D Animation, Comic Art, Acrylic, Oil, Watercolor, Pastel, Pencil, Ink
  • Others: Web-design/Flash, ascii-art, animated gif/ani design, pixel art, article writing, screenplay writing.
  • Language: English, some Korean, little Latin.


  • Web Designer / Graphic Designer (May 2012-Current) Travelers Club Luggage, Inc., La Palma, CA :
    As webmaster, I programmed and created the website from scratch, TravelersClub.com. I also designed the 2013 Catalog and prepared many hangtags, graphics for show booths, and various patterns for the bags.

  • Freelance Illustrator/Camera/Ediror (Dec 2011-May 2012) Re-Cognize :
    I drew and shot several short, narrative cartoon videos for Re-Cognize, a website, and for an upcoming book, How Some Small Businesses Get Their Ducks In a Row And Grow.

  • Freelance 2D/3D Artist (Feb-April 2012) Strange Games :
    I created and rendered 3D models/environments for Strange Games. The games included Avatar Airwars and Paintball war.

  • Freelance 3D Artist (July-August 2011) DuduPoker :
    I created and rendered 3D models/environments for the online poker game, DuduPoker.

  • Freelance CG illustrator (June-July 2011) Ascora Games :
    I created CG illustrations for the card game Nefarious: The Mad Scientist Game for Ascora Games.

  • Freelance CG illustrator (June 2011) Kirk Warrington, author :
    I created the CG illustration/book cover for his upcoming story and podcast, Endless Home.

  • Freelance pixel artist (April-May 2011) Wicked Newt, LLC, Nevada, MO :
    I created pixel artwork for massive multiplayer RPG for Kingdoms of Power and an illustrated in-game logo for Aye Pirate!

  • Video Editor / Motion Graphics / Cameraman (October 2010 - Current): KAC Media, Los Angeles, CA
    I did TV camera operation, edited shows in Final Cut Pro, and helped plan for new shows for KACMedia, which focuses on Asian American issues/pop culture, world events, and spiritual topics/issues related to Asian Americans.

  • Freelance article contributor (Nov. 2009 - current) Examiner.com, La Mirada, CA :
    I wrote entertainment articles and movie reviews pertaining to films in Orange County. All my articles can be read in Examiner.com

  • Contract Graphic Designer / Web Designer (October 2009 - December 2010): Comedy Zen, Los Angeles, CA
    ComedyZen is a stand up comedy event in Little Tokyo, LA, CA. I did contract work for posters, cards, logos, and web design for stand-up comedy event, as well as updates on the site. I made multiple websites for 2009-2010: Year of the Ox, Year of the Tiger, Tao of Comedy, Jokes of Death, and Jokes of Fury.

  • Penciler/Inker/Writer(March 2010 - May 2010): Visionary Comics, Los Angeles, CA
    I created a one shot comic, Out of Order, published by Visionary Comics (visionarycomics.com)

  • 2-D/3-D Artist (2007 - 2009): Lifescapes International, Newport Beach, CA:
    3-D artist responsibilities included modeling, rendering, and animating architectural exteriors and interiors for landscape and architecture design. Specifically, 3-D model/fly-by animation for Hotel Echelon in Las Vegas, NV and modifications and additions on Riverbend Business Plaza in Florida. 3-D Studio Max 2008-9 was used. My other tasks included 2-D graphics for architectural site plans for presentation.

  • Freelance Web Designer/Artist (2008-2009):
    Web-designer of Comedy Zen (www.comedytheory.com), a stand up comedy event of celebrities like Bobby Lee and Dat Phan. All aspects of web design, including logos, mailer web forms, and Paypal implementation.

  • 2-D/3-D Artist (2004 - 2006): Celare Software, Irvine, CA:
    Generally, all things 3-D for Black Label Poker (PC), PJ Poker (PC), Ace Venue (PC), and Dracula Poker (PC) This includes all the character designs and models (45 characters in all), environments, lighting, textures, and character animations. The four poker games, while all running on the same game engine, are owned by different clients.

  • Comic Book Penciler / Inker (2008): Dark Myth Comics, Apple Valley, CA:
    Part-time work as freelance artist for 6-issue comic print series “Convict Volumes” by Dark Myth Comics.

  • Character Designer/Artist (2004): Triumph Studios, Toronto:
    Feature film pre-production character work – over 15 different character designs/sketches in 2-D.

  • Graphic Designer (2004): TopStar Mortgage, Cerritos:
    General contractual design work for advertisement and postcards. Implementation of 2-D Design (Photoshop) and 3-D (Max) were incorporated for more realistic imagery.

  • 3-D Modeler/Artist (March 2001- 2003): Activision (Treyarch), Santa Monica:

    “Shaun Palmer Pro Snowboarder 2" (not released) all platforms -PS2,GC,XBOX-
    Modeled the “Squaw Valley Mountain” levels (plus some "Mammoth Mountain" areas) and objects therein
    Includes whatever the designers, coworkers, or directors needed in the levels. This includes lighting, grinds, objects (and xrefs), script assigning, extra textures, xrefs, some animation, and others. Also worked with compatibility issues/pitfalls of making games for all platforms.

    “Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2X" (2001) -XBOX-
    Designed / modeled all of level: “Skatepark ofTampa, Florida” (based off an actual real skatepark in Florida)
    Designed and modeled all of level: “Skylines, Detroit” aka. “Rooftop”
    Partly-modeled: adjustments and changes in Tony 1 and 2 levels and the “Hawaii” level. Includes lighting, grinds, simple scripting, some animation, extra textures, trigger objects, layouts, rough concept art.

  • 3-D Modeler/Artist (March-Sept 2000): BlackOps Entertainment, Santa Monica:

    "The World is Not Enough" (2000) -PSX- based on the 007 movie:
    Modeled all of game’s last level (5-part “Meltdown (Submarine)” Levels), lighting and VCC [animated vertex light cycle] script), the player/weapon contours modeling)
    Also modeled: various level objects (in-/destructable) throughout other levels
    Extras: Created extra textures/mapping for MI-6 level (London) and Ski level.

  • 2-D/3-D Artist (1999): Icoremedia, Inc. : worked on a independent co. project.


    • 2009-current: Freelance writer for Examiner.com.
    • 2007-current: Frequent contributor to Yelp.com as Elite member, Xanga.com, ImagineFX.com, CGSociety.org, DigitalWebbing.com, and GameArtisans.org.
    • 2005-current: Webmaster of NinjasOnMotorcycles.com and dartstudios.com
    • Sunny Hills H.S. Newspaper "Accolade" cartoonist, St. Jude Hospital newsletter cartoonist; UCI Undergraduate Art shows (various artwork), Arts map-cartoonist for UCI, UCI Yearbook cartoonist, "Digital Manifesto" webpage co-designer, Online Comic Artist/Writer for FAHQ and D_Art Studios Website, CyberKorea.com forum operator.
    • Awards: 2009-2010 Yelp Elite Squad member; 1995 Gateway 2000 cow ascii-art contest, ; 1995-7 Heckler Digital Graffiti contests ; 1993 OC Trauma Society Staying Alive cover contest ; '93 SHHS Drug-Free Prom poster contest ; 92-93 CJCL Miniature model contests

    (Upon Request)